PUSH approached us with the design challenge to take, and understand their technology and seek opportuntities within the health and sports industry. We had to understand the current market, and make sure we could harness the technology in the best way possible.

In a team of three, we researched the market trends, and demographics for sports or activities best suited for this techonology. Through our research, we have found that Parkour is an technologically untapped sport that could benefit from this technology. It's social and communal aspect made PUSH a perfect suit for this sport. 

ICONS BY: Creative Stall, Nicole Macdonald, Edward Boatman, Boudewijn Mijnlieff

Our design opportunity was realized through a product and application, combined to elevate the brand experience of PUSH. The app allowed to user to explore social aspects and communal aspects of Parkour, while being able to track their physical progress through the use of the wearable and app.

Image: http://www.gscmovies.com.my/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Tracers.jpg

The product itself is a wearable that is a band wrapped around the body to measure distance, height and other metrics using several gyroscopes and accelerometers built into the device. It is to be unobtrusive while tight enough to hug the users' body while running and doing parkour.

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